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  • Admission form for the Academic year 2020-21 will be available from Saturday 9th November, 2019. For further enquiries contact school office.

The Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) was established in February 1994, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Tarita Shankar, with the aim of providing top quality post-graduate education in the fields of Business Management, International Business and Information Technology. At a time when India was struggling to put its economy back on its feet, after the nation having pawned the “family jewels” just to keep afloat, Dr. Tarita Shankar sensed that education too would have to become more broad based and more vocational in nature if India was to stand up to the world competition in quality and price for its products, as indeed the then Finance Minister had prescribed for the economy and so, in 1994, began a saga of growth and quality in education; a story that is just reaching its zenith with 14 full-fledged Institutes registering a strong presence on Pune’s educational horizon. Since inception, the Institutes managed by SCES, have maintained high academic standards and have successfully provided trained manpower to the industrial and services sector of the country. With a modest strength of 60 students pursuing a single course, SCES has grown steadily and today boasts of 14 Institutes, having more than 8000 students from all over India pursuing multi-disciplinary, graduate & post-graduate programmes. The objective of the institute is providing ‘Management education in a corporate environment’, has been possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the members of SCES, who have invaluable experience in varied areas like academics, industry, service and social-work.


To provide holistic education in a competitive and stress free environment, nurturing the child’s needs and inculcating in him/ her a liking to learn independently and still be a social person, ready to share and care in a global environment.

We will Help You Understand Your Child….

Research bears testimony to the fact that the initial six years of childhood, during which the mind acts like a sponge and soaks up whatever is taught, are the most crucial in the development of one’s personality. The quality of early experiences influences their metacognition and fashions them into smart intelligent grown ups.In the childhood years, children learn mostly from the sensory experiences. Therefore at Indira, we make a planned effort to offer our children ample opportunities to use all their five senses most effectively and efficiently. Their awareness about the world around them can be enhanced not just through books but experiential learning and by special training programmes to develop their observation and participation in a wide variety of activities. We respect our children’s curiosity and believe it’s the soil for immense learning.