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  • Admission form for the Academic year 2019-20 will be available from Saturday 24th November, 2018. For further enquiries contact school office.

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Day Date   Event
Saturday 12.01.2019 PTA
Friday 25.01.2019 Republic day celebration


Day Date   Event
Friday 7th December  MR Vaccination
Saturday 15th December Annual sports day
Friday 21th December  Christmas party



Day Date   Event
Saturday 8th December PTM.
Thursday & Friday 13th &  14th December Sports Day.
Thursday  20th December  Christmas Party & Christmas Carnival.


Day Date   Event
Friday 2nd November Diwali Party.
Wednesday 21st November Childrens Day.


Date                                       Day                                             Event

1.10.2018                           Monday                               Field trip (Sr.KG )

3.10.2018                           Wednesday                         Field trip (Jr.KG)

15.10.2018                         Monday                               Transport Committee Meeting

17.10.2018                         Wednesday                         Pati- Pujan n Garba Celebration

27.10.2018                         Saturday                              Mid-term PTM

05.10.2018 Friday  Mother’s Day (Jr.KG)
08.10.2018 Monday Field Trip (Jr.KG)
10.10.2018 Wednesday Field Trip (Playgroup and Nursery)
11.10.2018 Thursday Fancy Dress (Sr.KG)
13.10.2018 Saturday Navratri Mela (Venue: Basket Ball Court, IK Tathawade )
17.10.2018 Wednesday Garba Celebration
24.10.2018 Wednesday Field Trip (Sr.KG)
27.10.2018 Saturday PTM
30.10.2018 Tuesday Medical Checkup (For all Students)


Tuesday and Wednesday 9th and 10th  October Medical Check-Up
Thursday and Friday 11th and 12th October Jr.KG Mothers Day
Saturday 13th October Parental Workshop
Wednesday 17th October Garba Pati Pujan
Thursday 25th October Nursery Fathers Day
Saturday                                             27th October                           Mid Term PTM


Date Day Event
05.09.2018 Wednesday Founder’s Day
08.09.2018 Saturday PTM
25.09.2018      Tuesday Grandparents Day
28.09.2018      Friday Father’s Day


Date    Event
14.08.2018 – Tuesday    Independence day celebration
24.08.2018 – Friday    Rakshabandhan Celebration
31.08.2018 – Friday Janmashtami  Celebration
Date Day Event
11.08.2018 Saturday Phonics Workshop
14.08.2018 Tuesday Independence Day
24.08.2018 Friday Rakshabandhan Celebration In School
25.08.2018 Saturday Koshish  Workshop
31.08.2018 Friday Janmashtami Celebration