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  • Admission form for the Academic year 2020-21 will be available from Saturday 9th November, 2019. For further enquiries contact school office.

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Day Date Event
14th November 2019 Friday Children’s Day 
 23rd November 2019 Saturday Sr. KG Concert 
Date Day Event
 13.11.2019 Wednesday Field Trip
 14.11.2019 Thursday Children’s Day celebration 
 27.11.2019 Wednesday Resource Person visit
Date Day Event
14/11/2019 Thursday Children’s Day Celebration


Day Date Event
Friday  4th October 2019 Garba and Pati Pujan
Saturday 12th October 2019 Mid -Term PTM
Tuesday & Wednesday 15th and 16th October  2019 Parents Day  for Jr.Kg and Nursery class 
Friday 18th October 2019  Diwali Party 
Date Day Event
04.10.2019 Friday Jr.KG Field Trip
07.10.2019 Monday Garbha and Patipujan
09. 10.2019 Wednesday Nursery  Field Trip
12. 10.2019 Saturday Midterm report
15. 10.2019 Tuesday Sr.KG Field Trip
17. 10.2019 Thursday Diwali Party
19. 10.2019 Saturday Diwali Fete


Date Day Event
01/10/2019 Tuesday Mother’s Day (Jr. KG)
04/10/2019 Friday Navratri Mela
07/10/2019 Monday Garba/Pati Pujan
12/10/2019 Saturday Mid Term PTM
18/10/2019 Friday Diwali Party
Date Day Event
11.09.2019 Wednesday Ganesh Aarti
14.09.2019 Saturday PTM 
Medical check up is tentatively scheduled for 19/20/23 September 2019        
25.09.2019 Wednesday Father’s Day (Nursery)
26.09.2019 Thursday Mother’s Day (Jr.KG)
27.09.2019 Friday Grandparents Day (Sr.KG)
Date Day Event
9/09/2019 Monday Ganesh Aarti
14/09/2019 Saturday PTM
19/09/2019 Thursday Sr. KG Recitation
27/09/2019 Friday Father’s Day (Nursery)
30/09/2019 Monday Mother’s Day (Jr. KG)

My School Videos

After Senior KG

Date Day Event
Wednesday 11th September 2019 Ganesh Aarti
Saturday 14th September 2019 PTM