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  • Admission form for the Academic year 2021-22 will be available from Saturday 28th November, 2020. For further enquiries contact school office.


Orientation @ IK-Baner

Glimpses of IK Aundh 2015-16


Mid Term PTA ’16 (Ik-Baner)
PTA @ Ik Baner- Sept ’16
July PTA @ IK-Baner
PTA @ IK-Baner Feb, ’17

Summer Camp 2015


Holi Celebration @ IK-Baner
Christmas Carnival@ IK-Baner ’16
Christmas Party @ IK-Aundh ’16
Grand Parent’s Day @ IK-Aundh’2016
Father’s Day @ IK – Aundh ‘2016
Eid Celebration @ IK – Aundh ‘2016
Christmas Party @ IK-Baner ’16
Mother’s Day @ IK – Aundh ’16
Mother’s Day @ IK – Baner ’16
Mother’s Day @ IK – Baner ’16
Grand Parent’s Day @ IK-Baner’16
Garba and Pati Pujan @ IK- Baner ’16
Ganesh Aarti @ Ik-Baner ’16
Eid Celebration at IK-Baner
Guru Poornima Celebration at IK-Baner
Palkhi Celebration @ IK-Baner
Teacher’s Republic Day
Children’s Day
Indira Kids, Aundh Branch children celebrating Palkhi
Foundation Day
Father’s day

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Mother’s Day
Grand Parent’s Day
Independence day
Republic Day @IK Baner


Sr. Kg. Project – Solar System
Playgroup-Nursery Class Project – Pets
Playgroup-Nursery Class Project – Myself (Good Manners)
Properties of Air
Sr. Kg. Class Project – Properties of Air
Funday Activity @ IK Aundh ‘2016
Jr. Kg. Class Project- Birds (@Ik-Baner) -’16
Making of Lord Ganesh by Jr.Kg.
Jr. Kg. Class Project – Milk and Milk Product
August 2016
Fun Day @ IK-Baner
International Yoga Day @ IK-Baner
Easel Painting by Sr. Kg.Baner
Indira Kids- Tathawade Activity
Vegetable Vendor @Ik Baner
Activities – IK Tathawade

Field Trips

Playgroup-Nursery Field Trip to Bakery
Sr. Kg. Field Trip to Gram Sanskruti Udyan
Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Flower Nursery
Playgroup-Nursery Trip to Murkute Udyan
Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Garden ’16
Jr. Kg. Field Trip @ Mahatma Phule Museum ’16
Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Farm House
Sr.Kg. Field Trip @ Nakshatra Garden ’16
Miscellenous Field Trips
Resource Person
Art and Craft


Medical Checkup @ IK-Baner’16
Phonics Workshop for Sr. Kg. Parents
Medical Checkup Tathawade branch
Teacher’s Workshop
Medical Check up

Sports Day

IK – Tathawade Sports Day
Heats Race @ IK-Baner’16
IK-Aundh Sports Day
Sports Day @ IK-Baner ’16


IK Tathawade Concert
Jr. Kg. Concert @ IK Baner ’16
Sr. Kg. Concert ’16 (Ik- Baner)
IK, Baner – Playgroup-Nursery Concert @ IK-Baner ’16
IK-Aundh Concert



Sr. Kg. Convocation @ IK-Aundh
Phonics & Shapes Day @ IK – Baner
International Yoga Day @ IK-Aundh
Fancy Dress – IK Aundh
Sr. Kg. Fancy Dress Competition – IK Baner ’16
Community Helper’s Day @ IK-Baner