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  • Admission form for the Academic year 2021-22 will be available from Saturday 28th November, 2020. For further enquiries contact school office.


Owing to the COVID19 pandemic situation and contagious nature of the disease, Indira Group of Institute (IGI), Pune has made it mandatory for everyone to wear face masks and face shields white entering any of the Indira campuses. Face shields are made available for Rs. 30/- at all security cabins.

Anyone with symptoms like fever, cold cough, etc. are requested to avoid visiting Indira campuses. They can opt for online services provided by us. IGI takes all safety measures to curb the spread of disease and appreciate your cooperation by abiding by the norms.


Orientation @ IK-Baner

Glimpses of IK Aundh 2015-16


Mid Term PTA ’16 (Ik-Baner)
PTA @ Ik Baner- Sept ’16
July PTA @ IK-Baner
PTA @ IK-Baner Feb, ’17

Summer Camp 2015


Holi Celebration @ IK-Baner
Christmas Carnival@ IK-Baner ’16
Christmas Party @ IK-Aundh ’16
Grand Parent’s Day @ IK-Aundh’2016
Father’s Day @ IK – Aundh ‘2016
Eid Celebration @ IK – Aundh ‘2016
Christmas Party @ IK-Baner ’16
Mother’s Day @ IK – Aundh ’16
Mother’s Day @ IK – Baner ’16
Mother’s Day @ IK – Baner ’16
Grand Parent’s Day @ IK-Baner’16
Garba and Pati Pujan @ IK- Baner ’16
Ganesh Aarti @ Ik-Baner ’16
Eid Celebration at IK-Baner
Guru Poornima Celebration at IK-Baner
Palkhi Celebration @ IK-Baner
Teacher’s Republic Day
Children’s Day
Indira Kids, Aundh Branch children celebrating Palkhi
Foundation Day
Father’s day

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Mother’s Day
Grand Parent’s Day
Independence day
Republic Day @IK Baner


Sr. Kg. Project – Solar System
Playgroup-Nursery Class Project – Pets
Playgroup-Nursery Class Project – Myself (Good Manners)
Properties of Air
Sr. Kg. Class Project – Properties of Air
Funday Activity @ IK Aundh ‘2016
Jr. Kg. Class Project- Birds (@Ik-Baner) -’16
Making of Lord Ganesh by Jr.Kg.
Jr. Kg. Class Project – Milk and Milk Product
August 2016
Fun Day @ IK-Baner
International Yoga Day @ IK-Baner
Easel Painting by Sr. Kg.Baner
Indira Kids- Tathawade Activity
Vegetable Vendor @Ik Baner
Activities – IK Tathawade

Field Trips

Playgroup-Nursery Field Trip to Bakery
Sr. Kg. Field Trip to Gram Sanskruti Udyan
Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Flower Nursery
Playgroup-Nursery Trip to Murkute Udyan
Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Garden ’16
Jr. Kg. Field Trip @ Mahatma Phule Museum ’16
Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Farm House
Sr.Kg. Field Trip @ Nakshatra Garden ’16
Miscellenous Field Trips
Resource Person
Art and Craft


Medical Checkup @ IK-Baner’16
Phonics Workshop for Sr. Kg. Parents
Medical Checkup Tathawade branch
Teacher’s Workshop
Medical Check up

Sports Day

IK – Tathawade Sports Day
Heats Race @ IK-Baner’16
IK-Aundh Sports Day
Sports Day @ IK-Baner ’16


IK Tathawade Concert
Jr. Kg. Concert @ IK Baner ’16
Sr. Kg. Concert ’16 (Ik- Baner)
IK, Baner – Playgroup-Nursery Concert @ IK-Baner ’16
IK-Aundh Concert



Sr. Kg. Convocation @ IK-Aundh
Phonics & Shapes Day @ IK – Baner
International Yoga Day @ IK-Aundh
Fancy Dress – IK Aundh
Sr. Kg. Fancy Dress Competition – IK Baner ’16
Community Helper’s Day @ IK-Baner